Costa Snack

Today was an Addenbrookes Hospital appointment for the surgeon to check my husband’s wound, one week after he had left hospital. I had this snack before the appointment, because as usual, I left in plenty of time so that we were not late.
I had planned to take more pictures when I got home, but it was dark. The appointment was over an hour and a half late. I did not mind this so much as the fact that the television information board stated he was on time and only after I complained the second time that the board was not reading a realistic time did they change it to an hour late. The first time I asked where he was in the list I was told he was next; clearly not. His appointment was at 1410 hours and we saw the surgeon at 1540 hours. Another patient, to see the same surgeon after us was also very cross. Appointments are often late, but if they communicated that the list was running late people, including me and the lady behind our appointment would not get so annoyed. The two receptionists on today were very offhand, not only with me, but with the other lady.  
When I went to collect the car from the car park at Addenbrookes it was obvious that some snowflakes had fallen. I did not see any snow on the way home, but the temperature, on the car thermometer, went down from three degrees Celsius to one degree.

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