Sneaky Louis Vuitton selfie

To Copenhagen, to meet a "bunch" of family. Unfortunately, not accompanied by Mr A, for a range of complicated reasons.

My sister and W arrived on Thursday and suggested we met around Hølbro Plads. I made my way there on arriving on an early flight, and wandered around a bit and had a coffee, waiting for everyone else. There was great light first thing on the tops of the buildings. But what attracted my attention most were the incredibly camp blow up Christmas decorations in the window of Louis Vuitton. The reflections in these, combined with the reflections in the window, provide my blip.

Eventually, we settled down in the cafe in Arket, and waited for J and B to arrive from the airport. It was fun to get together after a very long time. During the afternoon, J, B and I headed out to find our AirBnB and then reconvened with C and W at the station to get a train to Malmö to see norfolkdoc's daughter, son-in-law and grandson. The process of getting there wasn't too hard, except for two things. First, I completely forgot that the Oresund is now a 'proper' border crossing again, so didn't have my passport with me. Luckily they were happy with a driving licence. But that's the first time I've crossed into a foreign country where there is a border control without a passport (I did have my passport in my bag, even though it hadn't been checked between Finland and Denmark). Two fifths of our party didn't have their passports...but we all got through on a variety of documents and stories. Then the taxi from the station dropped us in a random place amidst the building site that is Limhamn and we had to walk miles to find their new build flat. It was truly windy and cold in a very Malmo-way.

We were fed and watered, and later Z arrived. What a gathering of the clans! Z is moving to Malmö too, in the new year, and she has an interview on Saturday.

Reversing the direction proved to be easier than I feared and fewer than 90 minutes after phoning for a taxi in Limhamn we were walking into the AirBnB in Nørrebro.

Tired.... long day....

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