"Oh No!" Said Tiny Tiger/Tabzilla Strikes Again!

It was a photo shoot that started out as innocently as most. It's turned colder here lately, and I finally got a chance to get into the front closet and pull out some winter hats, scarves, and gloves. As I sorted the colorful gloves, I thought to myself, Hmmm, if I stacked these gloves on top of each other, I could set up a Princess and the Pea photo shoot starring Tiny Tiger!

And so I did just that. The primary shooting location for my tiny photo tableaus is the bathroom sink. So I put down the blue sheets of paper that usually provide the backgrounds, stacked the gloves just so, arranged the Crittergators and friends, and then installed Tiny Tiger atop the stack. Voila, Princess and the Pea!

But suddenly, all we heard was the tromp-tromp-tromping of white paws! TABZILLA had arrived on the scene! Dexter arrived with much fanfare. Stomp stomp stomp! He circled the sink. He instantly spotted Tiny Tiger reclining atop the pile of gloves, looking at the sky. Aha, a chance to photobomb my little story, what fun!

This photo captures the scene of Dexter's arrival. You can see Tiny Tiger staring at the ceiling. "Oh no!" said the Tiny Tiger. Dexter strolled over, smacked the blue paper backgrounds around a bit, snorfled Tiny Tiger and scared him half to death, and then knocked over a couple of red-shirts, who (quite wisely) played dead. Pure chaos!

And then, as quickly as he had arrived, Dexter (aka Tabzilla) exited the scene of the crime. We readjusted the gloves, set the blue background back in place, and righted the fallen friends. And we finished the shoot. . . . Whew! As often happens, in the end, I found this photo of the chaos mid-scene to be more fun than the actual photo tableau I had intended to create.

So here is our blip for the day!
Go go, Tabzilla!

The soundtrack: Blue Oyster Cult, with Tabzilla

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