What a fine sight, once I’d got the blinds up. But before long it was off to get some coffees at Allegro Roasters on the corner of Chrystie and Houston. That’s how I talk now. No more streets. 53rd and 3rd. Stuff like that. 
Off firstly to the Whitney, sadly not on Houston. What a cracking place. Jimmie Durham: At the Center of the World. I’m sure he’s much more than just brilliantly crackers. But he’s certainly that. And with Laura Owens, an exhibition of protest art, their own collection, and plenty open air terraces, the whole place was a treat. Enough for one day. 
Later we managed a mosey round the streets of Nolita, doing a bit of shopping; I resisted everything until we chanced upon Cydwoq, a shoe shop making "unique, timeless, architectural shoes." And using vegetable tanned leathers too! Well, that was enough to tempt me to get the credit card out (extra snap!). 
I never used them when we stepped out later for an eat, although that wasn’t far at all. Just to the corner of 2nd and 2nd.

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