Had the appointment with the neurologist this morning. I'm now on steroids! For 12 days and every 3 days the dosage is dropped. Hopefully that will get rid of this headache. I'll also keep a headache diary and then I'll see him again next Monday.

I might have to start lifting weights to get the full usage of the drug. Actually I don't like the idea of taking steroids even if it's only for 12 days.

We have Ana storm whipping the peninsula. For us it's not that drastic. Winds and few drops of water. In Galicia they have hurricane level winds,  the northern part have snow storms, in Andalucia it's high winds and heavy rains with falling trees and flooding. Seems that almost all of the storm will go past us.

I took some pictures of the coast when came back from the pharmacy up the hill. This is Puig Campana. We're thinking about going hiking there around Christmas time. It's too difficult to hike to the peak, but there's supposed to be a route around the mountain, so we'll aim for that.

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