A jolly fine day

After yesterday's snow and then rain later on, today was a jolly fine day in Helsinki. Wind and snow caused chaos at the airport yesterday. And it was quite some snow. I didn't land in Helsinki until 1am last night and it was nearly 2am by the time I got back here, having stood in a (freezing) taxi queue for quite some time (watching diggers moving huge quantities of snow, which is quite a sight in the middle of the night). If the bus had come first, I think I would have taken it, and braved the walk along Hesperiankatu back to the flat. I was pretty soggy-brained and quite soggy-bodied today, although Pilates and a walk along the coast really helped. As did coffee and a bun at Regatta. Now that **always** helps.

Today has otherwise mainly been about preparations for our departure tomorrow. Very excited, but also feeling slight discombobulated again about leaving from somewhere that is sort of home, but not quite home, in order to go somewhere else. And, of course, come back here after a while. If that all makes some sort of sense.

We have to pack everything up tomorrow and put it into storage. This could be quite a challenge, although as of a wee chat between me and Mr A just a moment ago it sounds like we now have a better plan than we had before.

I have a substantial backlog of photos to process from Copenhagen (and indeed from today). I'm not sure when I'm going to get a chance to do something about that. Perhaps on a flight some time.

An early night beckons.

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