Have a hat

What a phenomenally busy day! Up with the larks (when I felt like sleeping for hours) to sort out the issue of what to do with our "stuff". Two complementary solutions were found and actioned, but we have been up and down in the lift, filling and trolleying boxes all day. Well, I exaggerate slightly as the flat was pretty much packed by 11am and more or less everything stowed before 12 noon.

We headed downtown after some lunch, to pick up some shopping, do some printing, and then for me to go to the hairdresser. My hairdresser is in Eira and there are some super smart shops down that way. I rather think I might look better in one of those hats than the hand-me-down "fat face" hat I'm wearing at present which, while warm, is not exactly stylish. I might treat myself in January. Back again and then out to Aito for dinner. All that running around followed by some airport walking now sees me at over 17k steps :-)

Anyway, we've left Flat B707 (for now as who knows, they might put us back there in January...) and we're waiting for the flight in the lounge. We had by far the most random taxi driver to the airport we've ever had, but we're zen and looking forward to daylight and warmth, where I won't be needing hats (except for sun hats), vests or fleeces.

See you on the other side!

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