Most Rubbish Picture Ever!!

This is the only photo I took today. 
To send to Mr K to show him that Tescos are indeed doing brie and cranberry parcels this year despite them not appearing on the website when I did our online order.
Such is the excitement in our lives.
Even Miss L wanted no part in it!!
I met Mrs K and Mrs A in Milton Keynes for breakfast this morning. The valet place is back in Debenhams car park so I went there first to drop it off.
Now I'm the first to admit the car was disgustingly filthy inside and out but the man was so rude about it!! He kept saying "Ees bad, very dirty"
Clearly that's why I'm bringing it to you to clean it!!!!!
It looked super clean and shiny when I picked it up two hours later. Now we need to keep it that way!!
We had a scrummy breakfast in John Lewis - egg, bacon, hash brown, sausage, toast and tea. Delicious!! It was nice to have a chat and a moan. Adult conversation after two day stuck in the house!
I did a bit more Christmas shopping. And, as usual, saw more for myself than other people!!
Then it was time to pick up my shiny, clean car - and ignore the ungracious moans and groans when I paid the agreed price. Apparently it had taken longer than they had expected!! Ha ha ha!!!
Then home for a couple of hours before Miss L's swimming. It was her first lesson at the next level up and she was a bit nervous about it. Not knowing the teacher, not knowing anyone in the class and having to swim full lengths rather than just half the pool.
I must admit I was a bit worried for her too!!!
I needn't have worried - she was a star!!
The class was her and five other boys and I could tell immediately that she liked them all. Chatting away and giggling!
They got in two at a time to swim a length of front crawl and Miss L went in the second group. She powered her way through the two in front and got to the other end first. That's my girl!!!
At the end she declared that she LOVED her new lesson. The people and the teacher were so much nicer than her old lesson!!!
We popped to Tescos before going to get Miss E. And took a photo of brie and cranberry parcels!

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