Morning was wildly photogenic. Can you spot the moon?

And how have we spent today?
We have made Christmas casseroles!
Some for us for Christmas and some for Sunday dinner.

Then I got the idea of rearranging the furniture in living room and that meant the sofa had to be taken apart and put back together so that the corner is to the other side. All finished now and I'm very happy with the result. Now the warm air reaches the people / dogs who are on the couch. Before it missed the sofa and just kind of "disappeared". It's better this way. Especially during the summer when it's cool air it's blowing.

During the evening we had few drops of water which was a total surprise. We saw dramatic clouds in the sky when walking with the dogs this afternoon, but it looked like they were gonna pass us. So it will be one of those evenings that we'll have to wash the paws and tummies of our dogs when coming back in. (I hate that and I think they do too!)

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