L's flat is right opposite the Tanjong Pagar docks. These are due to close within a few years and be redeveloped as condos, like the one where he is living. The light so far over the docks has been a bit dull, but in late afternoon, after a huge rainstorm which we managed to get caught in, there was excellent light over the docks which led me to put my big lens on and wander out on the balcony.

We've had a pretty busy first day, after yesterday's long journey. I popped out first thing with L, using the local city bikes that are absolutely free, to pick up some messages. This is an excellent location in terms of varieties of neighbourhoods and shops, and we are practically on the edge of Chinatown. When we got back I tried out their swimming pool. I pronounced it excellent.

This afternoon, we joined L and La at their friends' house for a Christmas party. We stayed for a while, and then decided to walk over to the Botanical Gardens, which were close by. Bad mistake. Halfway to the Botanical Gardens the heavens opened and we had no shelter and no umbrella. We managed to find somewhere to shelter, but by then it was too late and we were soaked, so we called an Uber and headed back here for a bit of an afternoon rest. Later on we headed out on foot for something to eat and we had a wander around some of the closer parts of Chinatown, finding a couple of streets that were closed off with bands and stalls and that sort of thing.

The young people aren't expected back for hours, so we will be heading to bed in a while and we hope both to sleep better than last night.

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