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We are very late at Christmas this year. A morning and early afternoon in Manchester starting to get our heads around what needs to be done.

I tire of the piped Christmas music in shops - I have heard Bing, George, Mariah, Greg, Noddy, Roy and all the rest far too many times. 

But I love to hear live music. This group of youngsters in St Anne's Square were great, lovely singing and harmonies. It was raining so their song sheets were getting pretty soggy, but they continued undeterred. 

The various people tinkling away at the piano outside Forsyth's Music Shop were also good - I loved the chap playing tunes from Amelie (extra), although I doubt if anyone is going to beat the 6 million people who have viewed video of the mystery pianist playing  dance and rap numbers on December 1st ("Beat that" a little notice on the piano helpfully explains). 

The Sally Army Band outside Kendalls are always wonderful (another extra). 

And I also listened  to the Kantos Chamber Choir rehearsing in St Anne's Church (another extra), for a concert of contemporary carols this evening. Wonderful singing, although we've been less cultural this evening watching Strictly (which I really enjoyed).

No wonder I am behind with Christmas, I shouldn't be diverted by good music so much.  

NB The day started well. Nothing if not loyal, we parked in Salford. Crossing the Irwell, six goosanders, , majestic ducks. And sawbills - fish eaters - which means the River here must be a happy hunting ground.

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