Holy Island sunrise with brent geese

My not-so-little sister took this picture early this morning on Holy Island, and it was she who suggested that I might like to share it online. The view is of the harbour from the house. Those are brent geese at the shore line, and you can just make out Bamburgh Castle in the distance to the right.

Here in Edinburgh we missed sunrise - quelle surprise! Nevertheless, we have had a happy (remarkably hangover-free) day transforming the flat from party venue back to its everyday function. With all incriminating evidence now safely stowed in the bottle bank, no one would ever guess at the amount of fun we had last night.

Andrew, Mr hazelh and I also managed to squeeze in a game of Catan. It was one of the most evenly-balanced games that we have ever played. Right up until the very last round it could have been anyone's game - but you can probably guess who won in the end ;-)

This evening will be spent on the sofa, eagerly awaiting the final of The apprentice.

Exercise today: walking (11,578 steps - some of which come from dancing into the early hours last night).

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