Sunset over Inverleith boating pond, Edinburgh

I was really meant to be running when this beautiful sunset started to spread across the frozen boating pond in Inverleith Park. I couldn't resist stopping to capture my blip for the day.

Otherwise it has been a day of getting things done. I've had two medical appointments (dentist and doctor), and also spent quite a lot of time thanking everyone who came to our party on Saturday night for their contributions to the fun. Inevitably the latter has led to further party plotting...

Tonight it's our book group. I'm looking forward to seeing fellow blippers Ridgeback13 and Winsford (who, I see, has also blipped the sunset) to hear how they enjoyed Laura Cumming's Vanishing man.

Exercise today: 19,030 steps; ran to doctor's surgery, ran back (with break for blipping)

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