Decorated house, West Sussex #CCXmas2018

Here's my contribution to #CCXmas2018: a decorated house in West Sussex. This is actually the second time that I have blipped it. The same lights appeared in a slightly different arrangement on the same building this time last year.

Our hosts are keeping us well entertained. This morning they took us out for coffee at the local garden centre/gift shop. Then after lunch we made an excursion for a game of ten pin bowling (I lost!), followed by a visit to a massive charity shop outlet store (I loved!)

In the periods spent relaxing indoors Mr hazelh has been switching between (a) fixing computers and (b) interviewing his mother to find out more about his family history. Meanwhile I have been writing. Tea/coffee/wine/biscuits/cake etc. are served to us at regular intervals. We could get used to this...

In case anyone is wondering, I am still barking like a seal :-(

Exercise today: none.

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