In The Bleak Midwinter

We slept late.  BB also slept late – goodness knows what time he went to bed last night!  He did creep in beside me to tell me that Joe had won Strictly – and that he had run round the room seven times as he was so excited.  Joe was his favourite – and he was clearly delighted! 

BB had his breakfast then went back to his own bed.  TT and I went out for a walk.  It was a really dreich morning, but at least the rain had stopped.  It didn’t feel too cold, but the paths and roads were really icy.  There were no views to be had as the clouds were so low.  We ended up walking into town, where we picked up the newspapers and a few bits and pieces before heading home.  BB was up and dressed by this time, but was lying on our bed, with his nose in a book.

After lunch, it brightened up and there was blue sky – so TT and I went out for another walk with my dad.  The views were back and we could see the snow-covered hills in the distance.   BB stayed at home and watched Toy Story 2 on TV, while Granny was cooking tea.

After a lovely tea, we drove home and had to think about the week ahead.

These two didn’t appear to be too keen to come out of their house this morning - and who could blame them.


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