Christmas Wreaths

Didn’t feel 100% today – think I have a mild bug.  My body aches a bit, like I did a really big run yesterday. Except I didn’t run!  Anyway, I did stay in bed a bit later, then finished my wrapping.  The boys went off to do a fundraising bag pack for BB’s football team, and I went down town to pick up some shopping, and even managed to get some stamps for my as yet – unwritten Christmas cards.

We all got home in time for lunch, and I did the final bit of wrapping that was required for granny and granddad, before we set off to visit them.  We had a good run up the road, and enough time to get read y to head out with friends for a Carnoustie, Christmas curry.  It was so nice to catch up , as we haven’t all been together for ages. A lovely evening.

I stopped to look at the Christmas wreaths in this shop window and noticed the reflections. 


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