The Tree is Up

We've had a very quiet day at home today.
Some of us sat on the sofa all day wrapped up in blankets watching How to Train Your Dragon and drawing fabulous animal pictures, and some of us spent the day tidying up. Again.
And panicking about unbought gifts, unwrapped gifts, gifts which need to be re-wrapped due to a wrapping paper incident, unfinished food orders (currently our festive meals will mostly consist of mulled wine and mince pies. Which now I think it about it doesn't actually sound so bad!!!), untidy house, unwalked dog, unsent eBay packages, unreturned unsuitable online purchases........
And on and on and on.
And all while feeling pretty ropey myself.
But at least we can see the dining room table again. And at least the tiny tree is decorated.
It's definitely growing on me despite its titchiness. It does look pretty!!! I just need to find the loppers so I can cut off that annoying stalk bit on top. I was very tempted to photoshop it out of this picture and then had to have a word with myself for being so ridiculous!!!!
And the food order had been added to and checked out. We've got some cheese and Stollen to go with the mulled wine and mince pies!!
Annoyingly the only delivery slot I could get was for tomorrow night which is a bit early for the fruit and veg so I still need to go to the shops  on Saturday so pick up the fresh stuff. Note to self, to avoid this write a list of what we actually need and STICK TO IT!!!!!!!
I was feeling awful by the time Mr K got home so I wrapped myself in a blanket and slumped on the sofa drinking Lemsip and watching Masterchef while he read Harry Potter to the Little Misses.
Dinner was bananas and honey on toast which is pretty much the only thing that Mr K "cooks" but I must say is very delicious!!

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