My concession(s) to Christmas.

For two/three/four reasons.

1. I see VERY little point in faffing about with Tree etc. for just me.
2. I'll be away from the house †mas Eve, †mas Day and Boxing day.
3. "Fit & forget" they're on timer(s).
4. (Afterthought) The wee LCDs are never taken down, just unplugged and cable "secreted" away.
* ~ * ~ *
The pseudo-Box globe presented a problem; leave the camera to make up its own mind resulted in a BRIGHT, WHITE, BLURRED globe.
Oops! Take charge.
* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
I used to grumble that "Serif"© ripped the EXIF off.
I discovered, tonight (20th) that the same holds true with Picasa©.

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