Black swans

I'm not sure I've seen black swans before.

I finally made it to the Botanic Gardens, after we were rained off on Saturday. I was passing through on the way to the third of three meetings today. No tourism as such today, but talking to people is a really good way of finding out more about a place. It was a pretty exhausting day, so by the time I got back here I didn't even make it into the pool. We did manage to pop out for a quick drink before dinner, ably produced by L.

I feel like my blipping has been pretty cursory since we got here. The time difference seems to militate against my looking at blips and even more against my commenting. So apologies for that. Maybe over the next few days, I'll have time to edit a few more photos and put them on flickr. Or alternatively, I should just stop worrying about it.

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