Shop houses

Last more or less full day in Singapore. The sun was shining more brightly at times than on most of the other days, which of course made it very hot when out of the shade.

What a cacophony of impressions from Singapore - but of all of them I think we've most enjoyed pottering a bit around Chinatown. I had two good meetings - one at the Straits Times, which was fascinating, and then lunch with a colleague from NUS very close to L's condo. Between the two we had one last wander through Chinatown and along  Keong Saik Road, which was apparently once the red light district, but is now largely full of hipster bars and restaurants. And wonderful colourful shophouses, which are easy to appreciate and somewhat tougher to photograph.

Time for a quick swim in the afternoon, before off to the airport (and therein lies a tale of two taxis...), followed by a pretty uncomfortable but thankfully short transfer to Phuket. The drive through the dark to find the villas was interesting, to say the least.

A long and full day and too exhausted to blip last night, after we'd popped out locally for a couple of beers.

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