Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Foggy Day

I was up early to met with my brother and some former retired officers we worked with for a 'Fat Boys Breakfast' (a full english) as we called it, in Newport City Centre (Wales, UK). The roads were clear and I got there early, so collected the fresh Turkey Crown I'd pre-ordered from the Indoor Market, and on walking back to the car about fifteen minutes afterwards the fog had descended on the city whereas it was clear as I walked in.

It seems that most of the UK has had a foggy day; to capture the feel I had a trip up the top of my local mountain and could hardly see! The one I like best is of sheep who don't seem bothered by the fog.

I'm just about to go out for a beer with the eldest son to give him our season tickets for the Boxing day match. I'm banned by Mrs BB from going as family and friends will be with us....it's cheaper than a divorce...I'll just have to listen to it on the radio.

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