Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Christmas Eve Snow!

It’s been years since it snowed on Christmas Eve… started about 3:30 and it’s very wet but oh so lovely!   Had to be the blip.   There is more where the girls live, a bit higher altitude. 
Had some neighbors over for some Christmas cheer and then son P and family for the traditional Swedish dinner of meatballs, (ours are vegan)   lingonberries, Jonssons temptation  (potatoes with onions and anchovies) beets, green beans , salad ..herring and Swedish cheese first of course.  P made a good gingerbread cake.   I keep thinking I will stop doing this ……and then there it is another year. …. Son E was at the other in-laws, we'll see them tomorrow.     

 family flickr set..

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