Wine,Women & Song

By CelloNerd

Beginnings and endings

I've found myself laying awake some nights, thinking about how our lives are comprised of beginnings and endings: the tasks we do, our daily activities, the start and finish to each day, the relationships we cultivate, the friendships that come and go. Every move we make is wrapped in a cycle of beginning and ending, with a middle that is either juicy and exciting, or not, depending on what it is we are talking about.

This notion can bring us solace, hope, relief, joy, despair, and often, all the above. If we step back, we can see this ongoing cycle for what it is, and that everything new, will at some point become old. And the end will in turn bring about something new again.

I've also noticed that it's often easier to say exactly when something ended, but beginnings are often more difficult to recognize and pinpoint. Beginnings tend to slip up on us, and before we know it, we're pulled into another cycle.

I know these ramblings have nothing to do with our delicious early evening dinner at Fountain Bistro, pictured here, but I simply had an urge to share. Note to self: Samuel Smith Brown Nut Ale is scrumptious. Also, don't eat bacon with ice cream.

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