Christmas Day

Had a nice lie in this morning.  Breakfast was " Christmas Pie" - a pork pie which also included  turkey and vegetables.  Very tasty and filling.

Then I was ready to Skype with Becky at 1.30pm.  I settled down on the computer and set my webcam up but then I got a Skype call from Becky on my phone.  This was better as we were able to move around and focus on different things.  Becky showed me her presents and the turkey which was ready to be carved. I showed her my gifts - and she was able to have a chat with Neil.

There was a bit of an incident while we were chatting.  Mike was in the kitchen cooking and it got too hot for him so without thinking he opened the back door.  Their new cats are being kept indoors  until they get used to the place and then they will go out in a controlled way.  However when he saw the open door today Chester - the ginger one - ran out of the door.   Pure panic ensued.  Mike ended up sitting on top of the garden fence shaking a bag of treats.  Luckily Chester was tempted back and Mike was able to grab him and get him indoors.  Whew!.

Later on Becky got in touch with sad news.  Muffin - one of her degus - had died.  Just passed away in his sleep.  Tears were shed.  Poor Muffin.  The other degu - Mr Curious  - will be lost without his little pal.

Neil and I have spent a quiet day - mostly watching TV and eating.  Neil is my main blip shot and my extra is the Christmas dinner. Watching Call The Midwife at the moment - its great as usual

Steps today - 3,169

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