Christmas Eve

Neil went off to work around 8am.  I checked in with him throughout the day.  He was bored.  No customers.  So he took a long lunch hour and walked into Gateshead and did some food shopping in Tesco.  He also went to Argos to get a Christmas present for me - a digital radio which I had asked for. When he came home at 6pm he was laden with bottles of posh ginger beer, 1kg of brie cheese and a boatload of chorizo and salami.  Also a big tin of butter shortbread. All for himself.  He's ready for Christmas I think.

I went to Slimming Club.  The consultant was having a quick Weigh and Go session lasting one hour from 12 noon to 1pm.  I got there around 12.15pm and the place was packed.  I lost half a pound. 

Came straight home to eat this mince pie.  I had been looking forward to it for days.  It was delicious.  The day went from bad to worse from then on and I also had 2 packs of shop bought sandwiches, some Christmas cake, 2 packets of crisps, a packet of maple syrup fudge and a packet of liquorice.  I'm feeling rather stuffed at the moment.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas.  Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow.

Steps today - 8,047

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