According to Robert Burns " The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, Gang aft agley " - and so it proved today.  I had intended having a nice lazy day indoors getting on with a few chores and chilling out on the sofa watching TV.  However when I turned on the TV nothing happened.  Turned out the TV was fine but the Freeview Box linked up to it had broken.  It was OK yesterday so who knows what happened through the night.  So I could still watch TV  - but only the 5 terrestrial channels and I was unable to record anything. With all the Christmas programmes coming up there is no way I could do without a Freeview box so I got the bus to the Metrocentre to buy a new one. No time to shop around so I just headed for Argos and bought one that looked OK.  While I was down there I did some food shopping in M & S.  The Metrocentre as a whole was fairly quiet and even M & S wasn't busy.  I got a bus home well before they stopped running.

Haven't had the chance to set the Freeview box up as I have been too busy watching TV.  Enjoying Grantchester at the moment.

Still feeling ill.  Bit worse today.

Neil  came here after work.  He will be staying for a few days.  His girlfriend has gone home to Ireland to spend Christmas with her parents so Neil came here to be with me. Haven't seen much of him so far as he has gone out for the evening.  Its a Christmas Eve tradition to go out on a pub crawl with his friends.  He has done this for many years with the same group of friends. 

He is wearing the Christmas jumper which Rachael made for him in 2014.  I blipped him that year too standing in the same place. Neil has a soft spot for koalas which started when he met a few in Australia.

Steps today - 7,121

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