Christmas Eve

I stayed in today as I had loads to do  but found it hard to get motivated.  I did wash all the new towels I have bought recently to get the "newness" out of them - it was a windy day so I hung them outdoors to dry.  Lots of washing up got done as well.  I have wrapped Neil's Christmas presents but no-one elses.  Luckily Becky and Mike don't arrive till the 29th so I have plenty of time.

Here is Neil just about to go out on a pub crawl in the village.  Its a Christmas Eve tradition and he is meeting up with a few friends.  There are 4 pubs and a hotel in the village and I guess all of them will be visited.  Neil is wearing the Christmas present  his girlfriend Rachael gave him.  She bought a plain jumper and made the koala which she sewed on the front.  Neil is chuffed with it as he loves koalas.  He met quite a few in wildlife parks  when he was in Australia and he thought they were great.

I am watching Skyfall on TV.  Never seen it before. My favourite Bond actor is Sean Connery but Daniel Craig is OK.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Steps today - 6,075

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