My seat is taken

Woke up this morning and it felt cold.  Radiators were stone cold.  Checked the boiler and it was showing an error message.  It meant that the boiler needed to be re-pressured.  I did what I usually do to get the pressure up but nothing happened.  Tried a few times but the boiler was " dead".   No pressure to be had.  So Neil and I have spent Christmas day without central heating or hot water.  We managed Ok though. Bit tricky doing all the washing up - had to boil a few kettles of water.   I have a portable halogen heater which had done a good job of heating the lounge and its been fine.  Will have to try and organise someone to come and fix the boiler ASAP.

Becky and I did a Skype call this morning.  Neil got involved too and opened his presents so that Becky could see what he got and Becky showed us all the gifts she had received.

Neil and I enjoyed a lovely Christmas meal.  We had chicken, yorkshire puds, roast potatoes and loads of veg. As you can see in my blip shot Tino decided he wanted to sit at the dining table on my seat so he had to be turfed off so I could sit down and eat.  Neil is the one who is tickling Tino under the chin.

No idea what the weather has been like today as I haven't been out and haven't really looked out of the window.

No step count today as the Fitbit site is undergoing maintenance at the moment.

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