MonoMonday: Film Themes - Family/Comedy

The final “Film” theme chosen for today by MonoMonday host si_b is “Family” or “Comedy” (many thanks si).
Those who’ve seen my blips around Christmas in previous years (eg here, here and here) will be aware that we generally allow one or more of our offspring (whichever of them happens to be around) to ice our Christmas cake – and that their ideas are, shall we say, relatively unusual. This year it fell to Son#3 to do the decorating yesterday, and here is the result photographed today. I think it certainly meets the “comedy” challenge and probably the “family” challenge too.
As always it’s based on a ski and/or toboggan scene (not that any of us are skiers). Here you can see that there’s a couple of skiers and a kid on a sledge on the slope, but unfortunately the lad on the left (in front of the snowman) has lost control of his dogs which are running amok across the slope – one pulling the other on a sledge. This has already resulted in one child being head down in the snow (all you can see are his wellies sticking out) and is also causing a mishap to the kid on the sledge just behind. The girl on the right is trying to protect Santa from the dogs (presumably so that he can get on with his important work) but has dropped her teddy bear in the process.
The child on the left at the front has dropped his football down the cliff and is scrambling down to retrieve it.
At the back on the right are two children being healed of some ailment by a voodoo healer (he looks a bit more like Merlin or Gandalf to me, but he is clutching a voodoo doll).
The skier at the back is wearing a somewhat unconventional ski helmet – and don’t ask me why the snowman has a pirate hat on.
Not exactly Christmassy but definitely seasonal! And if you want it to relate slightly more closely to films I guess you could say it's slightly related to Eddie the Eagle which is funny in places, although I don't recall his skiing being interrupted by dogs with a sledge.

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