Walking Wombat

By WWombat

Bronze Winged Pigeon

We've had another wonderful day in the Yarra Valley and after an intriguing visit to the Healesville Sanctuary we headed back to our "Burrow" at Wombat Bend for the afternoon. We sat down by the Billabong under a huge gum tree for a couple of hours. It was so relaxing and it was time to unwind after the rigours of Christmas Day. I had my camera with me and took a few images of the ducks on the Billabong and then suddenly to my left on the river bank I noticed an exquisitely marked pigeon. I have it on good advice from Sue (our host) that its a Bronze Winged Pigeon. The pigeon wasn't keen to go into the water but made its way onto a stick was protruding over the water so that it could have a drink. This just proved to me once again that birds need a reliable source of water and I'm happy in the knowledge that my kind neighbour is ensuring the bird bowls at Wombat Hollow are being replenished regularly while we're away.

The "Garden Party" Airedale Quilt
And so to the next instalment of the amazing Airedale Quilt.

June's Lilly and the rabbit - Block maker-Candy Kramlich, Artist-Linda Hobbet
My Chickadee - Block Maker-Jeanne Edmond, Artist-Jane Miller

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