Yarra Valley in the AM

I knew it was going to be a really hot day today so decided I would head off quite early for my morning walk.  I definitely went in the wrong direction because within half a kilometre I hit a "Big Hill" :-( I did enjoy the jaunt though as the valley was an absolute picture and I really liked this view across the valley with the Hay Bales dotted through the paddock.

The "Garden Party Quilt" - Day 4!

Okay you "Quilt Tragics" here are two more superb patches from the Airedale Rescue Quilt.  We're up to 7 squares now with another 6 to go and then the big reveal of the entire quilt will follow.  I think this is arguably the happiest quilt in the whole world :))

Reese, I'll Help - Block maker-Lori Taylor, Artists-Christie Williams and Lori Taylor
Bailey with the butterfly - Block maker-Carol Ellsworth, Artist-Jane Miller

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