So many choices!

Wombat Bend is somewhat of a bird paradise and I could just sit in a chair all day and take photos.  Sue and Bill have counted over 100 species of birds that have visited the property.  A huge attraction is the two and a half acres of Billabong.  There is always something happening out there on the water.  I did spend a large part of the day sneaking around trees and the studio doing my best to get a shot of the magnificent Blue Heron that calls Wombat Bend home.  Now I did get some nice images today but I'm going to keep trying because I really want to honour this wonderful creature.  I will post my best effort in a couple of days.  I just felt so privileged to be able to view the Heron wading across the creek.  It was poetry in motion, a glorious symphony.  How many times do we tell ourselves to put the camera away and just observe.  This was one of those moments.

I have posted an image of one of the four King Parrots that were having a fine time feeding on the verandah right outside "The Burrow".  There were a couple of youngsters amongst them and I'm pretty sure this is one of them.

The Airedale Rescue Network "Garden Quilt"

So here are the next two patches.  Only three to go before the big reveal.

Benched - Block maker-Cherice Jobmann, Artist-Jane Miller
Hannah's Hole - Block maker-Messier, Artist-Patty Eizenbraun

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