Who, When and Where?

I've gradually been going through all the photos my parents had accumulated over the years. They didn't get into the digital world so everything is printed and some not very large. There is a huge amount of 'rubbish' - out of focus, light leak, heads missing etc. and a vast quantity has gone in the bin. Numerous holiday snaps where the place is unidentifiable and a lot of snaps are of mum or dad or both standing in front of one place or another - also in the bin.

There are also loads where I have no idea who is in the photo although there must be some connection somewhere along the line. Some I will keep; they are fascinating. This particular photo is clearly a school group but I can't see anyone in it I can recognise as a family member. As my mother is nearly 91 and the youngest in her family, all these people are likely to be long gone. What legacy did they leave behind, what did they achieve in their lifetimes and where are their descendents now? So much future and past in this one photograph. I found another delightful photo (an extra). I don't know who is in it, where it is or why it was taken but just look at those characters watching some event intently. It's likely to be agriculturally related, maybe a market of some sort.
It's an interesting process going through so many snippets of time, some of them in my memory, and quite emotional at times. Also an interesting thought that all the images I am taking now will mean very little to anyone else in the future, perhaps not even me. One point though, it's always worth noting where, when and why a scene or person is recorded. Maybe I will edit my catalogue or reconsider before pressing the shutter next time.

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