By chantler63

Wintry Walk

I am determined to join in more with the challenges - they provide a focus and source of inspiration.  I made a start today by remembering it was Wednesday and that means Wide Angle. So I ventured out into the cold to capture some wide angle wintry weather.  No shortage of that today - it was actually snowing!

Just having one lens with me - wide angle Nikon 16-35 - meant I had to work a bit harder for interesting shots ; it is refreshing to not have a zoom lens.  I also played around with intentional camera movement.

The covering of snow was enough for wintry scenes (the theme for today's wide angle challenge) and I didn't need to resort to Photoshop for the white stuff.  It was slippery and cold so we walked far enough to get the woodland scenes and for the dog to be tired. I liked quite a few of the results so I'll add in an extra here and some more on Facebook.

Thankyou to Bobsblips for hosting the widwed challenge.

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