Waddesdon after the Crowds

I was outside as a Volunteer at the Manor today and it was very busy. This is the last week of the lights display and the Crowds poured in. We had four buses running constantly between the car park and the Manor - every one was coming up full and two of them were the large capacity 'bendy' buses. At about 5 the arrivals ceased BUT the departures increased. There were three of us managing the queues - wheelchairs, buggies and people. It was incredibly busy for us but everyone was in good spirits and there was no grumbling. The buses were going round as fast as they could so no one had to wait very long for their trip back to the car park.

I stayed later than I needed officially to help out the two paid staff members. It was actually great fun and I felt ''useful". I did not get a chance to grab my camera until the queues were safely dispersed by which time the light show had been turned off and there were just the normal lights on the Manor front.

Many visitors come every year and there were lots of positive comments on this year's display.

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