Finally, Christmas Dinner

William's first Christmas was marred by him, his Dad, and other members of Kat's family going down with a stomach bug. Nobody had felt like eating, which must have been a big disappointment for Ann.

William came back to Leicester with his Mum and Dad on the 27th, while Len and I were at the hospital.

They had all been coming to us for Christmas dinner today, except that Ben the cat got  hurt in a car accident the previous evening and they had to stay home to keep an eye on him.

So we took the dinner to Leicester. It turned out surprisingly well and nobody was ill. The turkey was cooked for the correct length of time so was reasonably moist.

Len and George got the bird in the oven and peeled the spuds. I supervised a bit, while Kat entertained William.

It was the first Christmas dinner for all of us. It turned out that no one particularly liked Brussels Sprouts, so I still have a stalk. When I start feeling better, I shall have to do something with them.

Home and collapsed straight into bed. Unbelievably tired.

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