By Livingandloving

Sending Love

Christmas Eve was finally upon us.....and we couldn't be happier.  We love this season.  I was still under the weather, so I sent my girl and her dad on their way to a fun family party baring gifts.  It was strange to watch them go....and I wished them safe travels, and crawled into a nest of tissues, blankets, and the remote control.  I watched Christmas movies, and thought about all the blessings this year has brought to our lives.  We are so very blessed. 

Sugar had a nice time with her grandparents, and cousins.  Ping Pong was the main event for her.  So many giggles.  I was so happy to hear of the special times they shared.  She couldn't wait to tell me alllll about it.  She showed me the wonderful gifts she received.  I loved listening, and holding her on my lap in my pile of blankets.  It was a perfect Christmas Eve for everyone.  

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