Christmas Silliness

Christmas morning arrived with love in our hearts.  I was so grateful to have my little family all together and relatively well.  I was still draggin, but that is fine.  Sugar enjoyed passing out the gifts, and we opened our presents with such happy hearts.  It was quiet....and perfect.  

After a simple breakfast, we got Sugar all dressed and ready to be delivered to my parent's house.  I was supposed to go as well, but I just couldn't pull my sick self together, so I sent Sugar with my brother and his family.  Sugar was happy to be with her cousins, and I nabbed this silly shot of them together.  

I headed home for my blanket nest, and Sugar had a wonderful Christmas with family.  They had a nice dinner, opened presents, and played games.  I hear it was THE BEST. I missed my girl so much...but knew everyone was where they needed to be.  Life is Good!

PS.  This is my 2000th blipfoto.  It has been such a blessing to my life.  2000 days in a row where my child can look back and read about her life.  

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