Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Okay, I think I am officially turning into a wimp.  I grew up in Alaska and I've seen some pretty extreme temperatures.  But I am here to tell you that the best I could do today was about 20 minutes outside.  My drill today was out for 20 minutes until I started to turn numb, back in long enough to warm up, back out for 20 minutes, and so on.  The cold weather means that our feeders and bird baths are very busy, so there was plenty to long as my fingers maintained a degree of feeling!  

I shot this against a primarily white background (snow) but did use PS to remove some branches and shadows as well as a very disturbing tree branch in the far distance.  I then increased the white a bit and nudged the blue saturation, then gave it a crop.  Most of the fiddling was just for fun as the photo was reasonably good to start out with.  Blue jays are extremely photogenic.

Tomorrow's forecast is more of the same (i.e. frigid temps) with the possibility of maybe an inch of snow.  If the snow materializes, you can be sure I'll be out there with a camera...bundled to the gills.

My alternative shot for today was a beautiful American Robin that perched for a few seconds on a perfect branch.  The water in our bird baths is bringing robins in pretty steadily right now which is nice as I love seeing them.  

Heading into the weekend...the last one of 2017.  Holy smokes - where did this year go???


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