Angry Birds

We were pleased when our cock pheasant visited us in the garden this morning. When I went for a walk he was back with the flock in the field. I was happy to see the lame hen pheasant take off with the others as I approached. It upset me to find a dead crow on the ground. It was on its back with its wings spread wide and no sign of injury. I wonder what happened to it? :(

After sorting some admin I went for another walk in the late afternoon. I heard a squawk and saw a gull and a kestrel having a spat. A record shot of the angry birds.

Today's poem is Garden tenderly darkened, almost by Rainer Maria Rilke. 

I can't find a link to this poem. :( Rilke was already suffering from leukaemia when a prick from a rose thorn became infected, causing his death on this day in 1926.

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