With mountains like these

By Sollergirl

The Gateway to Lapland

Last night's snowstorm had made the roads slow, so our trip to Narvik was postponed. Ice fishing it was. 

A beautiful morning gave us light if not warmth and Dimitri took us out on to Lake Torneträsk on a skidoo and sledge. Armed with a giant drill, he made 12cm d. holes in the ice (which was about 20cm thick and strong enough to support a truck)  We scooped out the ice with a ladle, lay down on foam rests and looked through the hole, where you could just make out the steins at the bottom. Dangling our lines on mini rods with a once wriggling maggot at the end, we waited patiently and jiggles the line and lure. Ben caught sight of a few, I thought I saw a flicker, but no luck. It was well worth just being out on the Lake with amazing views, a moonrise and as Dmitiri pointed out, you get sunrise, twilight and sunset all at the same time in different parts of the sky. Two hours is enough. Back for soup and a rest. 

The aurora forecast is looking strong for New Year's Day, but it all so unpredictable. We will probably head to Narvik tomorrow with a New Year's Party back here and then will head out under the skies again hopefully.

It is amazing.

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