My sister's bedroom

Although we no longer live with my mother and father, my sisters and I all have our own bedrooms at the parental abode. Perhaps the most 'interesting' is the one that I have blipped (not mine!)

I took this photograph just before Mr hazelh and I left my parents' house to return home to Edinburgh for Hogmanay. It was a good journey by train: Mr hazelh programmed while I watched a documentary that I had downloaded to my iPad. I really enjoyed learning more about Sir Gawain and the green knight from Simon Armitage.

We are happy to be back home (in our neat, tidy, organised flat) after a wonderful week away with our families in Sussex (sensible) and Northumberland (eccentric).

This evening we're giving ourselves a night off partying in order to prepare for tomorrow evening's exploits. Watch this space to find out more!

Exercise today: walking (9641 steps)

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