Back to 'normality'

Lucy and Jake requested a trip to Barter Books, the wonderful second-hand bookshop. While they packed their bags, MrM cooked a huge breakfast and, after we'd eaten and Louie had been for his walk, we set off for Alnwick. It's always nice to spend a while browsing through the books, and we all bought at least one. (MrM hasn't yet commented on my choice - Outdoor Plants for Indoor Rooms - or its possible implications... !) The cafe was full to overflowing, thwarting our intention to have a light lunch there, so MrM drove us to Alnmouth where we parked by the Aln estuary and walked to the main street where we found a very nice cafe.

Then, sadly, it was time to take Lucy and Jake to Alnmouth station to wave them off on their train home. After a few days of family fun it's back to 'normality', such as it is, for MrM and me...

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