Geese on the heath

Had a very useful morning - I went through my wardrobe and chest of drawers and weeded out three bags of clothes to take to the charity shop.  Long overdue.  After lunch, Tim walked up through the village with me, so that we could drop them off at the Cancer Research shop - and then he made it all the way into the park with me - the longest walk he's had in a couple of weeks.  Progress!  ( hope.)

As we walked back across Blackheath, the sun burst through the clouds briefly, and lit up the geese on the heath - just as a bus rather handily passed by, too.  I did also get a shot of not one but three parakeets on the same bird feeder as the other day, but Tim helped me pick this as my shot of the day.  He cycles past these geese (and this is just a very small selection of the huge colony that dwells on the heath) every day.  In the late autumn/early winter they seem to practise flying off to warmer climes, flocking and honking en masse - but then they never actually seem to get round to it - hence them still being here now.

Still in the mood to be useful, this afternoon I finished wrapping all the presents for my sister's family and my Mum - for our delayed visit there in a couple of weeks.  Also made a couple of homemade pizzas this evening - yum :)

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