A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


Sauerbaum. A slightly odd cooperative board game where the people are climbing the tree to save it from the acid rain drops (whose appearance, and indeed taste, may seem to resemble smarties). If the players eat enough of the smarties acid before the acid reaches the roots, they win.

S's comment was that it all sounded "a bit tripp'y".

Anyway, we won; just.

Supposedly the individual winner is the one who's collected the most raindrops. That was rather more a test of willpower-to-resist-nibbling-the-winnings than of competence.

Eight for games this evening, with Gwyn, Martin, Jules and Janis joining us. After a mass Chinese we split into two groups. We played Stephenson's Rocket (a railway themed share-and-majority game with lots of turn angst) whilst the others played Cosmic Encounter - a classic - a space game where everyone has a unique special power - like being able to look at the card an opponent is playing, or to ask a question which must be answered truthfully. The latter can be used in interesting ways...

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