Six Gnomes a'Running

Town was busy this morning when we went in for coffee at Nero stopping off at the Three shop first to sort out a SIM for Ann's new phone. I don't know why they keep changing the size of SIMS, standard SIM, micro SIM, nano SIM it doesn't make for ease of phone changing. Luckily the assistant was very helpful and we went away happy.

Today is my sixth blipyear (2190 photos), six years of reporting drinking coffee and watching tennis, what an exciting life I lead! I started on 1st January 2012 and only missed two days, the 8th & 9th August 2013, when I was carted off to hospital in an ambulance and didn't have my phone.

Every year I say "That's It!" and every year I carry on, who knows?

I hope everyone has a very Happy New Year!

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