Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

And just like that...

Another year is about to become a mere memory and a new year is rushing in.

This has been a rather eventful year for our little family.  

* We successfully moved my then-87 year old MIL 880 miles from Alabama to New Jersey in January.  Then, over the course of several months, we got her more or less settled into her new home, a managed-care facility.  
* I managed to get in two trips to Arizona , two to Florida and 1 to Oregon in the first five months of the year
* Hubs squeezed in four 9-hour races (car) during the spring/summer
* We got my SIL moved 880 miles from Alabama to New Jersey in August and she landed a job within 48 hours of arriving!
* I only lost 3  5 bird feeders to bears this year.
* I made my first stock photo sales, had a number of photos published by Cornell/Audubon, and won two ribbons at the state fair in the advanced photography group.  
* We both spent time with family this year, and with close friends.  Cherished memories.
* I saw 77 species of birds in/from my yard this year and blipped 49 of them.
* We bore witness to the unthinkable in politics, and saw more gun-violence and terror attacks at home and abroad.  

I wonder what 2018 will bring?

Today's photo is two White-throated sparrows and I took it after hunkering down in the snow for 20 minutes, freezing my toes and other things off.  The bird in flight is a little soft as I wasn't focused on it when it took flight - however, it is good enough for today and I rather like the symbolism.

Happy New Year!


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