A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

2018 New Year walkers.

Our usual ladies crew were augmented this morning by several men! Think they make a colourful bunch and Buster obviously thought I had something for him when I called his name.
There are three blippers in the centre, Corinthian Column, rose54 and Wilsden Walker. This was on the edge of St Ives woods and the golf course before we headed onto Harden Moor.

I admit that at 8.15 I didn't think I would be going (thanks for all your good wishes) but as it was a late start - 9.30! I decided to go. Glad I did as I feel much better for it, though the projected 1 and a quarter hours turned out to be over 2!

Got home to a text from Grace to say that Eda had slept for 12 hours having been put down at 8.30pm, a great start to,their New Year. She sent me some lovely Christmas pictures too. As we are now blessed with a whole new bunch of extras I can share my favourite with you. So many lovely smiley capture but this one is special to me and something that I hope,will be repeated many times in 2018 and beyond.

Hope the bug doesn't return as we will be going out soon to help Mr Corinthian Column celebrate his birthday. That means it's only 6 months to mine!

Happy New Year everyone!

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