A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

The Oriental Problem

Days were that board games came of floopy flat boxes, you had only three of them and they stacked flat. (This may well be your understanding of boardgames anyway...)

Now that 'enthusiast' boardgames often come in chunkier squarer boxes, weigh substantially and I now seem to have 200 of them, I experience a dilemma that exercises boardgame hobbyists: do I stack them flat or vertical?

"Both" is the correct answer (despite purists on both sides of the debate). Where possible (with respect to the contents) vertical is good as it doesn't squash the bottom box of a pile of six and makes it easier to get any individual game off the shelf, like a book from a bookshelf; but getting it wrong can mean 30 minutes set-up while you sort the bits out again.  This, in turn, leads to a mild obsession with small plastic bags and their contents - a trait that, as is frequently pointed out, we share with drug dealers.

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