Hello 2018

My blip is of our new kitchen calendar, kindly supplied by Elemental Cars. The car on the front is the super-speedy RP1.

We began 2018 in Leith with our friends Katharine and Jack at their Happy Hippy New Year party. We admired one another's outfits then enjoyed drinks, dinner and chat, watched some television (including some footage filmed at Leith Theatre), consumed more drinks, toasted 2018, drank some more - and so on into the wee small hours. Mr hazelh and I had the option of staying overnight, but eventually chose to come home to our own bath and bed. Never before has the walk up Leith Walk felt so long!

After a short sleep Mr hazelh and I were up again, packing in more holiday fun including some exercise and quite a lot of cooking. I made a batch of curried parnsip soup, two crecy pies, two batches of tomato sauce, and half a dozen mince pies. Meanwhile Mr hazelh broke into his Christmas cake and started reading one of the books that I gave him for Christmas.

Exercise today: 1 hour bike ride, 6674 steps.

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